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WebDNA Software Corporation (WSC)

What WSC does do:
* WSC is owned and operated primarily by long time users of the program and other interested investors. WSC is in the business of producing the best possible server-side tool it can (WebDNA), as well as providing the best possible avenues for Marketing and Selling the product WebDNA.

* WSC handles all issues relating to licensing. This includes Sales, Upgrades, End-of-life to upgraded licenses, and any other issues related to licenses.

* WSC Collects feedback on Bugs and Feature Requests.

* WSC provides venues for Education related to Programming with WebDNA and Server Trouble Shooting. (** See Development Support)

What WSC does not do:
* Direct Consulting or Programming - (** See Partner Program)

* Direct Hosting - (** See Partner Program)

* Server Trouble Shooting - (** See Partner Program)
WSC does it's best to produce a solid WebDNA product. However, since the language of WebDNA is a low level language (for a scripting language), it is easy for a user to write "bad code" that can "clog up" or "take down" a server. "With great power comes great responsibility". Therefore, WSC cannot be responsible for the code that it's customers author with WebDNA. However, we *can* suggest the following resources.

Hire a consultant! - (** See Partner Program)
WSC acts as a referral agent to members of it's Partner Program (** see Partner Program at top). There are people in this program that have been around the block regarding WebDNA, and can help you with your server problems! Contact us today with your general issues and we will put you in touch with someone who we think can help you.

Post on the forum or List Server:
These venues are full of long time WebDNAer's. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, these people may be able to point you in the right direction!

Ordering and Sales Policy

Since we have a FREE product to test with, Please consider all sales as final! This policy will act to eliminate potential credit card issues.

The free product (Developers Edition) can be installed and used for thorough testing. Once you are ready to go live, you can purchase a license (for any of the payed editions we offer) to replace the Development License. This will instantly upgrade your applicaton to the full payed edition.

Please contact us about individual customer issues.

Copyright 2009(c) WebDNA Software Corporation