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WebDNA FastCGI 8

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WebDNA FastCGI leverages the power of the WebDNA Engine and packages it for a wider range of web servers through the connection of FastCGI.

WebDNA is free to use and can be downloaded here:

Build your entire web app on this platform for free. Then, to unlock the speed hindrance of the free version, simply purchase an accelerator certificate for your domain here.

WebDNA FastCGI is different from WebDNA Server in these ways:
- Its licensing model is based around single domains.
(each installation works with only a single domain and each domain has a single administration page)
- FastCGI has some natural benefits from process isolation.

WebDNA FastCGI is a FREE Edition that includes everything you need to make your site dynamic and data rich.

A benefit of WebDNA FastCGI is that a website owner can now more easily install a WebDNA engine specifically per each single domain, without configuring WebDNA for other domains that may reside on the same server.

The FREE installation runs with the full feature-set of the WebDNA Engine but imposes a small performance hit. To get maximum performance out of WebDNA FastCGI, simply purchase this accelerator certificate and complete the provisioning for your domain.

What's new in WebDNA 8?:
* TLS support for secure SMTP
* Compatibility for current server operating systems.
* Various new tags and contexts

WebDNA.fcgi 8 Hardware Requirements:
- FastCGI enabled Web Server

Mac (OSX and OSX Server):
- Note: YOSEMITE required

- Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, OpenSuse, Fedora, RedHat

** Currently there is no support for Windows / IIS
Copyright 2009(c) WebDNA Software Corporation